The plot of this book was a total surprise for me. We tend to idelize icon characters like Sherlock Holmes. He has been presented as a "superheroe" every time I read, listen or talk about him. After reading The Sign of Four, Holmes was a very intelligent, assertive, refined and respected man. Watson seemed to be the perfect friend who was always there to support the best detective ever. What happens in the Last Sherlock Holmes Story? Why was the author interested in deconstructing this world known character? Why destroying the image of the master of problem-solving? The first chapters surprised me, then I thought..."now we discover that Watson is a envious man, who was always jellous of Sherlock's lifestyle". It was a surprise when I read the last chapters. Besides the murderers, the two famous characters were drug addicts, specially Holmes! Why? It seems that he was unable to solve his own case. I hope you read the book soon to start a discussion...
Why 2

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