Someone was killed in white chapel again,soon after this Holmes left France and sent a note to Dr. Watson(encripted) telling him that moriarty was alive, Watson did not understand the letter. Days later Holmes entered Watson's house with a terrible face, he told Watson about the letter and asked him to join him in his "Europe Running". Suddenly Watson understood that what Holmes called moriarty was his own evil. Watson started to investigate about what Holmes had done. After finding some things in the building in front of Holmes's he wanted just one thing, or kill Holmes or tell the police. When Holmes and Watson were in Switzerland, Watson told him that he wanted to see the falls, so the next day they went there. When they were alone Watson pointed Holmes with his hidden gun and asked him one thing, why has he done that? After getting no response Watson shot once, twice but nothing happend, Holmes had removed the bullets and put blankets. Then it was upside down, Holmes wanted to kill Watson, but Watson convinced him to not, then Holmes said, I shall not let him hurt you and jumped down the falls.